Recent SEO Trends For Marketing

What does Siri, pictures of food and false news have in common? Recent research shows that these three things and the SEO are the trends that are influencing marketing strategies. Still, many of the natural positioning bases have not changed; links, keyword optimization and other aspects still matter.

From a broader perspective, you will see how using the smartphone, artificial intelligence and social trends are changing search engine marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at five ways in which your SEO strategy will evolve over the last months of 2017. This is not a list to improve SEO of your website, are changes that can guide your marketing strategy forward.

Mobile positioning

Mobile searches beat desktop two years ago, and the gap is increasing. Earlier this year, Google announced its first mobile indexer, which give preference to mobile versions of websites than the desktop. Since mobile sites are more interesting for users, Google will prioritize in the search results.

The responsive design websites is no longer an option. If you recently created your website using WordPress, Joomla or other CMS you are good to go. Your mobile website is ready to handle mobile media. However, it is not enough, because the design must also adapt to the user experience.

That said, do not leave your desktop website. Although mobile SEO is essential, desktop visitors have not disappeared, and much of our experience in multi-device network develops.

Automated machine learning

It is a form of AI (artificial intelligence) that allows programs to evolve based on automated analysis of information. Google uses this technology to create and test adjustments in their search algorithms, although the algorithm is still controlled by experts.

Google’s algorithm is directly influenced by what web users want to see, and success is unique, relevant and useful websites where people can find real value.

Voice searches are trending

Voice control was nonexistent until 2011 when Apple introduced Siri and changed the market forever. Currently, searches for Google Voice account for 20% of all searches on Android.

These searches are different than traditional ones. Before, someone who had a broken pipe could have sought to “fix pipe” on Google. Now, the same person using the Wizard Google may ask, “How can I fix a pipe? Or, “Why does my pipe does not work?” It’s easy to see how voice search will continue altering the SEO trends over time.

More severe penalties for cheating

Because of the height of the “false news” in the presidential elections of 2016, Google and Facebook are taking steps to improve the accuracy and reliability of their networks to improve the quality of their content distribution.

In the case of Google, it has increased its autocomplete for users to report false or offensive content. Facebook has also begun to label questionable stories as “disputed.”

With these measures, web users will find it easier to report deceptive websites, and there seems no turning back.

Review sites

Have you registered your business on a review site? Some studies show results that are embedded on your page improve positioning. However, it is a strategy that is very short term and, if detected by Google, your website will be penalized and no longer appear in search results and will ruin all the work done. Now this does not mean that review sites are always bad, it can be a good opportunity if used responsibly, but in no case can be part of your SEO strategy

The review websites can convince consumers at deeper levels. These sites have instant credibility with their reviews generated by other users and are a good opportunity to attract users. If your profile on any of these platforms is better positioned than your website, it is a serious problem.

Keep in mind these five trends when planning your marketing strategy, keep in mind your audience and evolves while users modify their habits on the network.

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