Effective SEO Techniques That Work

It is increasingly common to hear about SEO, but do you really know what it means? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is an online marketing technique. Its function is to improve the visibility of a website in the search results of the search engines.

What is SEO for?

When you search on Google, Yahoo or Bing, you enter words and the search engine offers you related results. Most users do not usually go over the first page of results. Being among the first positions of the results of a search engine is the desire and daily struggle of thousands of brands. Why? Because it allows you to attract quality traffic to your website or blog or constant e-commerce and thanks to the search engine results. What do you have to do to appear in the first results of a search engine? Have a good SEO strategy. Hire an excellent SEO company for this reason. Do not forget that Google rewards user satisfaction, that is, that you find the information you are looking for as quickly as possible and in the most accurate way.

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Jacksonville SEO techniques

To improve the positioning of your website in search engines you can apply these Jacksonville SEO techniques. You will see how your site improves positions within search engine results.

Locate keywords or Keywords for your brand

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that will help you locate the keywords or keywords for your brand. It is suggested that you select those that have a sufficiently large number of searches and that in turn have low or medium competition.

Design a website based on usability

Your website should be simple and logical, in addition to offering a quick and easy navigation. It must be usable for both users and search engines to favor the indexing of the pages. One recommendation: do not create too many levels in the structure of your website. The convenient thing is to be at least three clicks of any section. Your website must be responsive, that is, it adapts perfectly to visualizations from mobile devices. 75% of current searches come from mobile devices and Google values pages with a responsive design.

Use the keywords in your texts

In a text, the importance of keywords is measured by the number of times it appears. Repeating a keyword in bold is a sign of notoriety for Google. Do not overdo it by repeating it. The search engine could penalize you in organic positioning if it detects that you are using it in an unnatural way. The abuse of keywords in the texts is known as keyword-stuffing. The most advisable is to write naturally, thinking of the reader, not the secret algorithms of Google. An average of 5 or 6 repetitions of the keyword placed naturally and logically throughout the text is a good option. Use synonyms, plurals. It is also advisable to insert some keyword in the titles (H1) and subtitles (H2).

Build friendly URLs with a keyword on them

Edit URLs so that they all include a keyword. They should be short and descriptive so that they provide information to the user. Write the keyword in the title and in the meta description. The title is probably the most important label for SEO. What you include in it will be displayed as a title in the search results, also in the browsers. Do not forget to include one of your keywords in the domain because it’s an extra to position your website on Google.

Optimize your web images

Google does not see images, it reads them. All the photos and graphics of your website must be optimized for SEO. What does it mean? Write an Alt text and a descriptive title with your keywords. Images must be optimized for size and weight so that they do not take long to load.

Post content regularly

The creation of content is key to any SEO strategy. The content marketing is essential. Writing about current issues is a good way to position yourself. Your articles must be original, contain keywords and provide value to the reader. The longer the texts, the higher the percentage of engagement. A text of 1,000 words tends better to position in Google. Do not forget to include related YouTube videos. These belong to Google and it is logical that the search engine bars for a home in terms of positioning.

Link building

The link building strategy refers to getting strong links and quality pages that point to your website. If other important pages “point” to yours then it is a sign that you are someone to consider for Google.


In short, SEO brings value to your website. It is the way to communicate to the search engines what your business is about and with what keywords you identify yourself. Keywords are used by search engines to relate them to users’ search terms. If they match and you have a quality SEO, your website will enjoy a good positioning in Google.

If you improve your search engine rankings, you have more possibilities for users to find your website more easily and get more visibility. Being in the top positions of search engines, not only provides visibility but also brings credibility and image to your brand, which allows you to maintain a good reputation online.

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